Personalized Wedding Monogram Etiquette
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Personalized Wedding Monogram Etiquette

In the journey of planning your dream wedding, it's the little things that add that extra touch of magic. One such enchanting detail is the art of personalized wedding monograms. At Threads & Honey, we understand that your wedding ceremony is a unique reflection of your love story, and what better way to celebrate it than through beautifully embroidered wedding handkerchiefsembroidered napkins, embroidered towels, and more? 

Navigating the world of wedding monograms can feel as mysterious as deciphering a hidden code – from figuring out which initial should take center stage to unravel the intricacies of custom monogram etiquette; that's why mastering these nuances is essential, and we're here to help.

Different Ways Of Monograms

When it comes to monogram etiquette, a custom monogram can be created in a few ways and still be appropriate. 

Single Initial Monogram:

Single Initial Monogram Blue Hand Towel

Single initial monograms offer versatility for both couples and individuals. For a married couple, the tradition is to use the first letter of their shared last name on items like napkins, towels, and barware, adding a personal touch to their home. 

When creating a single letter monogram for an individual, you can use either the first initial from your first name or the first initial from your last name. Either is appropriate. 

Single initial monograms are a chic and versatile choice and make beautiful gifts. We love to see brides using these single initial monograms as the perfect bridesmaid gifts, adding a touch of individuality to items like robes, jewelry, or tote bags. 

Two Initial Monogram

Two Initial Monogram Embroidered Cocktail Napkin Blue

For married couples, these two initial monograms typically combine the first initials of both spouses' first names. For instance, if Lisa and David are a couple, their custom monogram would be "LD." This beautifully symbolizes their union.

For individuals, the two letter monogram can be created using either the first and last initials or the first and middle initials. If Mary Anne Thompson wishes to have a two-initial monogram, she can choose "MT" or "MA" to add a touch of elegance to her belongings.

Two initial monograms can also be a great wedding gift, housewarming gift, anniversary present, bridesmaid or groomsmen gifts or for any other celebration.

Three Initial Monogram

Blue 3 Initial Monogram Embroidered Cocktail Napkin

For married couples, the monogram etiquette for three initial monograms typically follows this order: The initial of the wife's first name graces the left side, the initial of their shared last name takes center stage in a slightly larger size, and the initial of the husband's first name shines on the right. Imagine Emily and Mark Smith; their custom monogram becomes "eSm," a harmonious blend of their individuality and shared last name, beautifully symbolizing their union.

For individuals, the order of a three letter monogram starts with the initial of the first name, followed by the initial of the last name, which is usually larger and placed in their natural order, with a hyphen between the initials of the last names. 

Hyphenated Last Name Initials Monogram

When creating a monogram for an individual with a hyphenated last name, the style you choose can influence the arrangement of initials. If you opt for a block-style monogram, the initials are typically placed in their natural order, with a hyphen between the initials of both surnames.

For instance, consider Taylor Rae Franklin-Williams, who might create her custom monogram with her hyphenated last name initials as TF-W or TRF-W if she includes her initial middle name. However, it's important to note that using the hyphen is a personal style preference, so TFW or TRFW are both considered correct alternatives.

On the other hand, if you prefer a traditional monogram where the middle initial is slightly larger than the others, the arrangement changes slightly. In this case, a woman with hyphenated last name initials would place the first initial of her married name in the center. Therefore, the monogram order becomes first initial, married surname initial, and maiden name initial.

Wedding Monogram Etiquette

Wedding Monogram Etiquette

Creating a wedding monogram is a creative and personalized way to brand your wedding and add a special touch to your invitations, decorations, and more. Although there aren't any hard-and-fast guidelines for how your wedding monogram has to look, here are some general suggestions:

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Monogram Fonts

Choose a typeface and style that matches your wedding's general theme and your personal style.  There's literally thousands of options available so you'll have endless options of monogram fonts available.  We recommend timeless, classic fonts that will still be in style twenty five years from now.  

Utilize Design Elements

Custom Crest Cocktail Napkin

Consider including visual components corresponding to your wedding's theme, such as flowers, hearts, infinity symbols, flowers, laurel wreath, baroque elements or other characters. These components can give your monogram a special touch. 

A popular trend right now is the timeless monogram crest.  Adding these design elements truly makes your monogram one-of-a-kind.   

Shades of Color

Pick a color palette for your monogram that goes well with the hues and style of your wedding. You can use one or two primary colors for your monogram to keep it visually appealing.

Various Monogram Styles

For various uses and applications, think about designing different iterations of your monogram, such as a full version with both initials and a more straightforward one with just one initial. You can use personalized monograms at other wedding events, such as the bridal shower and bachelorette parties. When creating monograms for these events, you will use only the bride's initials as traditional monogram etiquette dictates the shared monogram shouldn’t be used until after the wedding ceremony. 

Wrapping Up Wedding Monogram Etiquette

Monograms are a delightful way to infuse your wedding and personal items with a sense of identity and style. From the simplicity of single initials to the classic charm of three-letter designs, the etiquette for creating these personalized symbols allows for creativity and personal expression. So, as you plan your wedding ceremony or consider unique gifts for loved ones, remember that a well-crafted monogram not only adds a personalized touch but also tells a unique story.